When you make a booking you agree to the general rental conditions below.
Therefore, please review them when you want to book.

  1. Book and pay
  2. Cancelation
  3. Obligations of the renter
  4. Obligation of the owner
  5. Maximum number of people
  6. Stay pets
  7. Types of companies
  8. Hour of arrival and departure
  9. Linens
  10. Sorting garbage
  11. The end of stay – cleaning
  12. Guarantee
  1. Book and pay
    1. You can book by telephone or via the Internet.
    2. Bookings are binding.
      With the recording of a booking order, the general booking conditions take effect. The renter must follow the booking steps and the rental conditions.
    3. Booking order and booking confirmation:
      1. Every booking order is confirmed by Eau Magique by means of a booking confirmation by email.
      2. The booking confirmation contains the total amount to be paid and the payment steps: when how much must be paid. The amount always contains the rent, but can also include the usage costs and the deposit.
    4. Payments:
      1. Within 10 days after receiving the booking confirmation, an advance of 50% of the total rent must be paid to the account of Eau Magique mentioned in the booking confirmation.
      2. The remainder of the total rental sum must be paid in full no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period.
      3. If the booking was made less than 6 weeks before the start date of the stay, the full amount will be charged upon booking.
      4. In the event of late payment, the lessor is entitled to cancel the booking.
  1. Cancellation
    1.  Cancellation by the renter
      1. The renter can cancel any booking without costs within 5 days from the booking date.
      2. Cancellations must be notified to Eau Magique by email. Immediately after receiving the cancellation,
        Eau Magique will send a cancellation confirmation by email.
      3. For cancellation 6 weeks before the start of your stay date, the cancellation costs amount to 30% of the rent.
      4. If canceled 4 weeks before the start of your stay date, the cancellation costs amount to 60% of the rent.
      5. For cancellations between 4 weeks and the 3rd day before the start of your stay, the cancellation costs amount to 90% of the rent.
      6. If canceled on the 2nd day before the start of your stay or later, the cancellation costs amount to 100% of the rent.
      7. If due to circumstances you are forced to cancel your holiday or have to cancel it prematurely, it is always financially interesting to have travel and / or cancellation insurance. Ask your insurance agent about this in time.
    1. Cancellation by Eau Magique
      If circumstances / force majeure forces the owner to cancel the already rented holiday home, this will be notified immediately to the renter. In this case, the owner will refund the amount already paid by the renter within 48 hours after the aforementioned notification to the renter. In this case the renter has no more or different rights than the reclaiming of the sums already paid and therefore expressly waives further rights. If force majeure occurs while the renter has only been able to make partial use of the holiday home, the rental agreement must also be regarded as dissolved for the time that has already been used and the renter is therefore entitled to a full refund of the rent paid.
  1. Obligations of the renter
    1. Liability of the renter. The main renter (= the renter named in the booking confirmation) is liable for the damage caused by him / her, by co-renters, even if these are found after his departure. The property has its own fire insurance in the name of the owner. But the renter is advised to  inform his insurance agent  that they are staying in a holiday home. This is for the case that the fire was caused by the renter himself, if this were the case, the insurance of the owner can hold the renter liable.
    2. The rented holiday home must be inhabited by the renter, his co-renters or his visitors with the required care and care, while respecting the tranquility of the surroundings.
    3. The house rules present and / or provided at the holiday home are an integral part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly adhered to, such as respect for the home, furniture, accessories and garden.
    4. The renter is responsible for theft of and damage to the household effects if that happens without traces of burglary. In the event of theft without traces of burglary, for example by not closing windows and doors in the absence, the renter is liable for the damage suffered.
    5. A smoking ban applies throughout the home.
    6. It is strictly forbidden to use the holiday home for youth groups to organize parties and / or drinks, to guarantee the quality of the home. 7. The renter can’t make a campfire in the garden. Only fire in the BBQ is allowed.
    7. The renter can’t relocate furniture such as beds, sofas, cupboards, etc. (even if they are thought to be so careful, these things often result in damage to walls and furniture, and it is not always obvious for the owner or his representative to put back in place).
    8. The renter must ensure that he does not cause noise nuisance to local residents. In Belgium, a law applies that prohibits noise outside the home after 10 p.m. Anyone who thinks this does not apply to him / her will be removed from the holiday home without prior warning – without refund of the rent.
    9. The owner cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury of whatever nature caused to renters of the holiday home and the associated facilities (garden, swimming pond, children’s toys, jacuzzi, etc.). All facilities can therefore only be used at your own risk.
  1. Obligations of the owner
    1. The owner guarantees that the property corresponds to the description and that it is suitable for the maximum number of persons stated herein.
    2. The owner also guarantees the good state of maintenance, purity and functioning, as well as the suitability of the house, its contents and its outbuildings, in particular the garden, children’s playground, outdoor furniture, the jacuzzi, the swimming pond and the barbecue.
    3. If the renter detects a missing or defect and this is reported to the owner or through his local representative, the owner must respond to this and resolve it as quickly as possible to the extent possible.
    4. The owner cannot be held liable for: loss, theft, damage or injury, of whatever nature, caused to the renter during his stay at the holiday home.
    Maximum number of people
    1. The house description states the maximum number of people that can stay in the holiday home which is 15 in total. This number cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. If the number of people is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered dissolved by operation of law and access to the holiday home will be refused without the right to a refund of the rent.
    2. In Wallonia, the babies are also counted as a person and the maximum number of people is with babies included.
    3. If the maximum number of people is exceeded, people will no longer be in compliance with the regulations of the Walloon Region regarding fire safety and fire insurance.
    4. If at a later date, without the knowledge of the owner, additional persons nevertheless come to stay in the holiday home, a claim of 25% of the rent per additional person immediately follows, which, if necessary, will be deducted from the deposit.
  1.  Stay of pets

    Pets are now allowed.

  1. Types of companies

    Eau Magique is primarily intended to receive family groups and also non-family groups of a certain age.

  1. Hour of arrival and departure
    1. The renter respects the arrival and departure times. The aim is that you arrive and stay in a neat holiday home. Therefore, there must be sufficient time for cleaning between the departure of the previous guests and the arrival of the new guests.
    2. Arrival time: the holiday home is at your disposal from 4 pm on the day of arrival.
    3. Departure time: on weekdays until 10 am and on Sundays until 7 pm.
  1. Linen
    1. Bedsheets are included in the rent of the house.
    2. Towels and kitchen towels must be brought by the renter.
  1. End of stay – departure
    1. End of stay – cleaning

      The rented holiday home must always be left tidy and tidy after your stay.
      In other words:

        1. Tidy up the house and put everything back in place.
        2. Empty all trash bins and put it in the grey roll container in front of the house.
        3. Clean up the counter and place clean dishes in the cupboard.
        4. In short, leave the house neat and broom clean.
        5. Also leave the garden tidy with everything back to its original place of arrival.
        6. If the house and / or garden is in such a condition that one does not have enough with the pre-set cleaning hours,
          then the owner has the right to charge extra cleaning hours and this at 25 euros / hour.
    1. Leaving the home
      The renter closes doors and windows. 
  1. Sorting household waste

    The household waste must be sorted. 
    GLASS / PMD (= plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and beverage cartons)                                                                                                  
    PAPER AND CARDBOARD: in the relevant container in the storage room of the kitchen.                                                                                              
    WASTE (all other waste not mentioned above): in the GREY ROLL CONTAINER before or next to the house.                                                          
    Empty jars and bottles must be rinsed before being thrown into the container.                                                                                                            
    Cardboard and PMC should be made as small as possible to save space.                                                                                                                    
    If this procedure of waste sorting is not observed, additional sorting costs may be charged.

  1. Guarantee
    1. The holiday home has valuable items and the guarantee serves to compensate for any accidents or damage.
    2. Complaints regarding the inventory and existing damage will be accepted from 4 to 22 hours after your arrival. This must be reported to the owner.
    3. The main renter is liable for the damage caused by him/herself, co-renters, any visitors and/or if  found after his/her departure.
      If damage is found after the main renter’s departure, he/she will have to comply with the landlord’s decision.
    4. The check of the holiday home is done during the cleaning because only then the cleaning service is able to check thoroughly.
      It is therefore then that one can determine damage or breakage. 
    5. When everything has been left in good order and no damage or breakage has been found, your deposit will be returned two or three weeks (stated in the booking email) after stay via bank transfer. If damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the renter is obliged to make an additional payment.
    6. A conflict about possible damage is a conflict between the owner and the renter. The owner decides on the guarantee.
    7. It is advisable to report accidents to the owner, which is usually handled properly.